The Awakening of Janis

October 31st, 2009

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…End of the part1. To be continued..

Why did my blind date want me to meet him at Camelot 18th and M He

October 29th, 2009

said lunch, but that’s a GO-GO place. They serve food, too? He said

not to be late, or I’d miss the show. Oh, well. Here it is. Hmmmmmm.

Nice neighborhood. Nice place.

The sign says auditions! Oh, so that’s it. Auditions for dancers. Was

I supposed to try out? No way, Jose! My shape isn’t going to get me on

stage! I see somebody waiting outside … I approach him … correctly

guessing this is my date.

We go inside, and he whispers something to the Hostess. She looks me

over and nods. Then we follow her to a table. She takes our order for

burgers and cokes. When she comes back, she gives me a 3×5 card with

the number 6 written on it. “Number 4″ a voice announces over the


A young girl gets up from the table next to me, and gets on stage. She

is dressed in street clothes. She is nervous. The music starts. She

is getting undressed! Oooooo. Auditions. But she is not very good. I

can do better than that. She gets down to bra and panties, and she is

shaking. Real nervous. She takes her bra off, but can’t drop her arms

to show her tits. The music stops and she grabs her clothes. My date

is the only one that applauds her. Nice of him.

“Number 5.” That’s quick! And I’m number 6? My heart starts to pound.

…End of the part1. To be continued..

Three Way

October 19th, 2009

I just recently moved to a new city, started a new job, and met so
many new people that I felt very insecure and lonely. About a two months ago
I met John and Debbie through a mutual friend. John is very nice looking, at
about six foot two inches with blue eyes and dark brown hair. I was attracted
to him right away, but his wife Debbie sort of intimidated me. Debbie is a
goregous blonde, the type that guys pant and drool over. She’s really tall,
about five foot ten, with long blonde hair that reaches her waist. She has
a beautiful figure (36-24-35) and is in really good shape. And she has a nice
tan that makes her green eyes stand out. We went to dinner, our mutual friend
that I was seeing was a nice guy, but we weren’t anything more than friends.
We talked about moving into the area, and how hard is was to find new friends
and make new contacts. Just after we were seated for dinner, Debbie and I
excused ourselves and went to the “powder room”, the wine we’d been drinking
in the lounge had run its course and we wanted to get rid of it. When I came
out of the stall, Debbie was combing her hair in front of the mirror and I
checked my make-up. I saw her eyeing me in the mirror, giving me an up and
down look, and felt pretty good that she thought I was a potential rival (not
that I’d try to take a married guy from his wife). I’m not bad looking. I’m
five foot four with light brown hair, brown eyes (that guys say are very sexy
“bedroom” eyes), and I’m proud of my figure (34c-22-34), although sometimes
I wish my breasts were larger. The dress I was wearing was a light slinky
affair that showed off my figure and was green and black (my favorite colors)
and it came down to just above my knees. Debbie wore a pure black dress that
accented her cleavage and her hips, and her long legs with a slit on one side
that stopped almost indecently high on her thigh. Debbie said “I’m jealous.
John keeps looking at you and undressing you with his eyes.” I looked at her,
not sure what to say, but I did giggle a bit. I’d noticed John eyeing me a
lot, but I figured that he was just enjoying my legs. I told her that John
was probably just fantasizing about having us both (most men seem to have a
fantasy about two women). Debbie stopped combing her hair and looked at me
with an impish look in her eye. “Have you ever done that?” she asked. I
blushed, thinking of one time I had, and told her yes. It was several years
ago with my boyfriend and my best girlfriend. Debbie wanted the details, but
I sort of stammered, saying that it was a long story. She said I’d have to
tell her about it some other time, but she’d also had that fantasy, and wanted
to know how it felt. When she said that I could feel myself start to get wet
thinking about her and John in bed and her fantasizing about another woman
with them. Debbie started to adjust her clothes a bit, and then asked me to
check her bra strap, that she thought it was coming loose. I stood behind
her and unzipped the back of her dress. My hands shook slightly, as I reached
to re-hook one of the three hooks that had come loose. I felt her stiffen as
my fingers touched her bare skin, and felt little electric shocks race through
me, making my pussy feel even wetter. I hooked her bra, and Debbie suddenly
leaned back. I thought she was fainting and caught her with my hands on her
sides, just below her large breasts. She breathed heavily and turned around,
a needing look in her eyes. She reached out and squeezed my left breast in
her hand, and both of us moaned slightly. My pussy was really wet and I was
…End of the part1. To be continued..

Three Close Friends

October 14th, 2009

The three were good friends, as good as friends could be. Jane and
Rita had met in the sixth grade. Ben, he had always seemed to be there,
like a brother or a cousin. He lived in a house up on the hill, the two
girls lived at the foot. They could party together, talk together, or just
be together.
Jane wasn’t beautiful, but she had a way with men. Her long, light
brown hair and ready smile attracted men. She went through boyfriends like
most people went through twinkies. It was uncommon for her to show up
anywhere with the same guy twice. Every man seemed to have a crush on her,
or have had one at one time. Rita was different; she had one boyfriend for
the past year, Chas. Chas was a football player who had originally been
going out with Jane. He was tall, dark haired and dark eyed. He instantly
entranced Rita with his charm and masculinity. Jane and Ben were afraid;
they knew Chas’s reputation and were afraid that Rita might get hurt.
One weekend, Ben’s parents had left for a week to go to Hawaii. Ben
was sitting around the house, waiting for one of his friends to call him
for a party. He was careful not to let anyone know his parents were
gone–parties were fine, but he didn’t want to clean up afterwards. His
thoughts turned to his girlfriend, Tracy. She had dumped him when she
moved. Ben tried to take it philosophically, but his heart wouldn’t let
him. He wished that his emotions were more like Jane’s. The phone rang.
“Hi?” he answered.
“Ben? Are your parents gone?” It was a measure of how close Ben was
to Jane to let her know this.
“Yeah… Why? You sound upset.”
“We need to use your house.”
“Yeah. Chas just dumped Rita.”
“Come on over.” Ben knew what this meant. Rita was so in love with
Chas that she would probably be suicidal with grief. Rita’s parents would
be unsympathetic. A typical comment form them would be “that’s what you get
for dating a jock”. Jane’s parents were probably throwing another party.
They were great at partying. Unfortunately, they were not very quiet
parties. Ben’s house was the only place were they could console Rita.

Jane met Rita at the door. Her fair skin was red from crying. When
she entered the rainy night, the tears were lost. Jane tossed a portion of
her yellow parka over Rita’s red hair. Rita just grabbed Jane around the
shoulder. They climbed the hill to the Mansion-the house were Ben lived.
The steps that ran along the driveway were narrow and difficult to
negotiate in the sunlight, much less on a rainy night. Lightning brightened
the scene for a moment, then thunder lashed the couple. They hurried until
they reached the gate.
“He dumped me for Trisha. She has bigger tits.” said Rita.
“It’ll be all right…”
Jane punched in the code and the gates opened, revealing the final
climb to the Hofsteader Mansion. It was a large, Victorian type structure
that had been added on to each successive generation of Hofsteader. Many of
…End of the part1. To be continued..


October 12th, 2009

Laura S.


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the following contents.


Laura S.

Little Lori put her legs around her big teddy bear, and thrust her sweet little hips, grinding her hot, innocent little pussy against her stuffed lover. Suddenly, she moaned very loudly, and pushed her beautiful pelvis up as her very first orgasm throbbed deep inside her eager little vagina. Sweet little Lori was groaning at the intense pleasure she felt in her entire body, so intense that she was urinating in spurts, with every orgasmic contraction inside her pelvis, soaking her snug white cotton panties. Lori had played with herself ever since she could remember. In the beginning, she touched herself absent mindedly, discovering that it felt very nice. Then in later years, little Lori would rub her warm genitals in bed at night, because she knew it felt so good. But lately, sweet little Lori’s nightly pleasure sessions brought her more, and more pleasure, that would reach a high level, and then slowly fade away. She was now becoming expert at exploring her sexual organs, with her hands, and fingers, She innocently, and eagerly learned how to give her little body more, and more pleasure each time. Her young body was maturing, letting her sexuality bloom fully inside her. Tonight, she was giving herself new levels of arousal, when she felt an intense need to keep rubbing, and rubbing, then the pleasure in her pelvis grew to sweep through her entire body, and she felt hot all over. But her intense stimulation kept rising, and she kept on rubbing, and rubbing her innocent, hungry pussy. Lori felt her labia swell, and separate, it was very hot, and sensitive inside. Suddenly a pleasure so intense, she could not begin to imagine, exploded in her, she felt dizzy, and weightless, like she was falling, then she felt her blood pounding in her pelvis. She cried with happiness, as she felt the unimaginably satisfying spasms of pleasure, repeatedly convulse her sweet, innocent little body. Lori’s orgasm lasted for minutes, and she was out of breath. When the waves of her climax subsided, she felt the crotch of her little panties to see if they were really wet. Her small hand felt the wetness, and the heat, between her shapely, soft thighs. She felt her swollen little clitoris protruding from the top of her plump little labia. It was extremely sensitive, and her sweetly erotic young body was still very aroused. Little Lori was curious, and placed her finger on her clitoris, and then pressed. Lori screamed with pleasure. She had triggered her second orgasm in her eager little body, using her clitoris. Little Lori violently pumped her round hips at her wet private lover. She was still so stimulated by her first orgasm, that this one was more intense. Lori’s breath was being forced out of her sexy little body with each spasm. Just as Lori thought she could not stand any more pleasure this intense, her orgasm subsided. She gently cupped her swollen, hot little labia, in her sweet hand. She felt it throbbing, and as she was finally able to relax, she felt the last of her pee as it slowly flowed out of her. Lori then noticed her big brother, Bob was getting out of his bed. He was almost panting, Lori’s innocent masturbating, had literally driven him wild, he could not stop himself, his young sex drive made him get up and, get into Lori’s bed. Little Lori was so cute, that he had fantasized about her when he masturbated, and seeing her sexuality bloom right in front of his eyes, told him it was time for them to use each other for sex. Bob was not wearing his underwear, and his mature penis was waving stiffly in front of him. Lori said, “What are you doing?”, as she tried to cover herself up. Bob pulled the covers off of Lori. Lori said, “What are you doing?” Bob said, “We’re supposed to have sex now!” “What?”, Lori asked. Bob said, “Don’t you feel what’s happening to your sex organs? Now we can make each other feel that good!” Little Lori was extremely fascinated by seeing Bobs penis erect and big. Lori had never seen an erect penis and it looked huge to her. She had no idea what sex was and stubbornly held her blanket up. Bob could not stop, he pulled it from her, and saw the teddy bear and her wet bed. It excited him more. He roughly pulled Little Lori’s white panties down, he saw her beautiful peachfuzz of pubic hair. Then he saw the crotch of her panties pull away from her wet swollen labia. Bob pulled her panties off of her shapely young legs, and threw them. He was extremely stimulated, and Lori watched his big penis throbbing up and down, she saw his semen dripping from his swollen head. She knew something wasn’t right about doing this, but she was getting that funny feeling in her pelvis like she got before she started playing with herself earlier. Lori said, “I don’t know.” Bob spread Lori’s legs apart. Then he touched Lori’s pussy. It felt hot and wet and inviting. He probed her labia with his fingers. Still swollen from her masturbating, her lips were slightly parted, and bob’s finger slid though them, and touched the hot and tight opening of her sweet vagina. Whatever Bob was doing, Lori was getting that feeling in her pelvis again, the feeling that she just learned she loved. Lori watched the semen drip from Bob’s throbbing penis onto her leg. Bob started to slowly push his finger into Lori’s innocent little vagina. As his fingertip popped into her, Lori said, “Owwww!” Bob left his finger where it was and started waving his finger in a circle, dilating her little vagina. Lori said, “Oww, Ohh!” Lori felt a sharp pain when his finger first entered her, but it was lessening. Bob thought how tight and exciting her pussy was and he was not about to stop until he had fucked his cute little sister, he needed to come inside her sexy little body. All Lori knew was, that Bob was making her feel very good. She was beginning to get an idea about where Bob was going to put his penis. As exciting as his finger was, it was a lot smaller than his penis. Lori said, “No!, It’s too big!” Bob pulled his finger out. Lori said, “Ohhhh!” Then Bob slowly pushed his thumb into her little vagina. Lori said, “Owwwww!, Stop!” Bob was determined to get Lori aroused. He rubbed his thumb up and down in her labia, it was massaging Lori’s clitoris. Lori said, “Ohhh!” And she started to moan occasionally. Lori’s arousal attracted her to Bob’s penis. She touched it, and felt the semen on the head of it. She felt how sticky it was and rubbed it over the head. This had Bob overstimulated, and he could not wait any longer. He had to put his penis in her beautiful pussy. Bob pulled out his thumb. Lori said, “Ohhhh!” Bob spread Lori’s legs farther apart with his knees. Holding himself above her with one arm, he held his penis against her pussy. Bob’s heart was pounding as he thought of his sweet young sister’s pussy. Bob rubbed the head of his penis up and down the crack of Lori’s labia. Lori said, “Ohh, Bob.” , she felt excited by the touch of his penis. Bob’s penis felt frictionless, as it spread her labia, and felt the tight opening of her little vagina. He slowly pushed his penis into her. His penis was pushing the flesh around her pussy, inward, but her vagina was beginning to dilate slowly. Lori said, “OWWWW!” Bob could not stop, he steadily pushed. Lori said, “OWWWW!” Bob wanted a way to make her be quiet. He held her head steady, and kissed her beautiful lips, and then held his mouth on hers. Lori liked kissing, and this helped. She felt a warm throb return to her pussy. She began to moan into Bob’s mouth. Bob’s penis wasn’t going in any further. He said. “Lori sweetheart, I love you.”, And he gently kissed her lips again. This made Lori feel very warm all over, she felt throb in her vagina, it let the head of Bob’s penis pop into her tight young opening. Lori said, “Oww, Ohhhhhh!” The entrance to Lori’s vaginal opening felt so good around the head of Bob’s penis, that he pumped his hips slightly, to make his head pop in and out of her hole. He had never felt anything like it before. Lori was making a grunting sound each time his head pushed open her sweet, young vagina. She was now feeling more excited than when she brought herself to orgasm, just a little earlier, her high state of sexual arousal had never left her. Little Lori’s innocent, and erotic young body was telling her that Bob was making her feel good, and she loved it. She was also learning what a penis is for, and she remembered seeing her father’s penis, while they were passing each other on the way to the shower. Lori remembered it’s huge size, and became even more aroused imagining what it would be like trying to get it inside her. Her brother had started putting a little more of his penis in her, as he gently thrust his hips toward hers. He had a new kind of feeling for his beautiful sweet little sister, and he knew that he would soon come, inside her eager pussy. he said, “Lori sweetheart, you make me feel so good!” Lori said, “I love you!” Lori reached up and kissed his mouth. Hearing Lori, Bob became even more excited. He looked down at her attractive, maturing body, and wanted to love it all over, he looked at her little round breasts, they looked cute, and delicious. He lowered his head and kissed them, then he sucked Lori’s little red nipples, as he carefully made love to her, he was now using half the length of his penis, as he thrust into her, and then pulling out until he felt the head of his penis just popping through her vaginal opening, leaving the tip in, and then pushing himself into her again. Lori was getting very comfortable with this big penis in her for the first time, and Bobs warm lips on the sensitive skin of her cute breasts, drove her wild. Little Lori felt her entire pelvis throbbing. She knew she was going to have another one of those unbelievably intense explosions of pleasure, like she had earlier, and her sweet little erotic body wanted it. Lori remembered finally triggering her orgasm, by tickling her clitoris. Lori slid her little hand down her slender stomach, to the top of her labia. Lori’s fingers felt the shaft of Bob’s penis as it moved in and out. She then gently touched her clitoris, it felt hot and hard, and it was standing up between the hot swollen lips of her labia. She began brushing it with her finger. Lori’s little body was so excited that she was moaning, and started to pump her hips up and down, “Ohh, Bobby!”, she moaned over and over. She knew it wouldn’t be long until she came. Bob felt his sweet little sister’s body responding to her coming orgasm, it was too much excitement, he felt the intense orgasm starting deep inside his pelvis. Bob was overcome by erotic love for his sweet little sister. He put his arms tightly around her, and started quickly pumping the head of his penis in and out of Little Lori’s vaginal opening, as his orgasm was quickly building up in his penis. Lori felt the sweet sensation of Bob’s penis stimulating her now comfortably dilated vaginal opening, and her very sensitive clitoris throbbing as she tickled it. She felt so good, she waited to have her orgasm, any second now. Her brother’s orgasm filled his body, he was panting loudly, and he slowed his pumping motions, pushing his penis deeper into his sweet little sister’s pussy. His entire body was getting tense, and at the height of the most intense orgasm he had ever had, he suddenly rammed his hips against her, pushing the entire length of his throbbing penis into her warm beautiful vagina, as far as he could push. Bob was loudly groaning, as his orgasm told him to hold his penis all the way inside her to deliver his sperm to her. He was holding Lori, in a very tight embrace. Lori could hardly breath, and she felt him ram his big penis fully into her, forcing open the undilated part of her vagina, and pushing the end of her little vagina up into her body. Bob was hurting her, but her orgasm was building up inside her, and feeling his penis moving every organ in her pelvis was bringing her a more intense orgasm. Bob’s tight embrace had squeezed her hand away from her clitoris, but her hand was replaced by the base of his penis as it ground against her clitoris. As Lori’s orgasm was starting, she could feel Bob’s penis swell and throb, then she felt hot waves of his thick sperm shooting against the back of her vagina. Then her full orgasm filled her body, and she pressed her hips tightly against his, she wrapped her arms, and then her legs responsively around Bob, and hung on tightly. As she groaned, her orgasm squeezed the breath out of her. She felt beautifully intense contractions move up and down her vagina. They both felt like her vagina was actually milking all of the sperm from his balls, through his penis. The timing of their orgasms was perfect. and made their sexual climax, an emotional experience for them both. Bob was still holding Little Lori, tightly beneath him, as his come was finally slowing. He had never felt an orgasm so intense, and his balls ached sweetly. Little Lori was grunting loudly, as the sweet spasms in her pelvis continued for minutes. She was groaning, and said, “Oh, Bobby, Bobby!” For the longest time, their bodies would not let them move. They could not even speak. Their embrace began to relax, and they felt very tired. They not only discovered how to completely use each others body sexually, they wanted to keep this intense emotional high going forever. They did not want to separate their bodies. Bob held his sweet little sister’s hips against his, and rolled over onto his back. Little Lori relaxed, and laid on top of Bob, his erection had gone down a little, but Lori’s wonderfully tight vagina, held his penis deep inside her. Little lori’s wonderful lubricating juices, and Bob’s thick sperm had intermixed into a delicious potion, and began to slowly trickle from her vagina, through her open labia, down the base of his penis, then it ran down his testicles, and onto the bed. With Sweet Little Lori on top of her handsome, loving brother, still solidly connected by their now one sex organ, they fell asleep and dreamed of playing together.

As they napped, Lori’s head rested on her brothers chest. She slept so soundly that her warm drool ran on to Bob’s chest. Bob, being a healthy growing boy, was sleeping deeply as well, and began having his nightly wet dream. It’s reality had his five senses experiencing a beautiful scene with Lori, and him making love in every way he could imagine, they were in a field of tall, soft grass. His body responded physically, his young penis, still held inside his sister, became erect and hard so quickly, that it woke Lori. The whole night had been so wonderful to Lori, that the pressure of Bob’s new erection inside her sensitive pussy sent a warm wave of excitement through her, and she quietly laid still to see what her brother would do next. Her heart pounding with amazement, she felt his penis grow larger than before. It’s hard throbbing sent tremors of pleasure through her entire pelvis. In no time, she heard Bob softly moaning in his sleep, and his big penis started jumping inside her, she thought of having another orgasm, and how she would never be able to have enough of them. Little Lori was so aroused, she cautiously pushed her eager body down a little to push more of her brothers sweet penis into her. As she did, Bob’s wet dream exploded inside her, in her early state of arousal, her sensitive sex organs could feel his big penis expand and contract, as it started to inject strong streams of his hot sperm into her pussy. She could feel him coming for a long time, and felt the pressure of her vagina being full of his thick sperm. As his wet dream slowed, she felt his excess sperm being forced back out of her vagina. Sweet Little Lori felt so excited, she put her hand down between their legs, where their bodies were joined together, and felt the liquids coming out of them. She wiped up as much as possible with her hand, and held it to her face. It had an attractive muskey odor, her arousal made her want to taste it. She touched her tongue to her hand, it’s salty, sweet taste had a drug like effect, stimulating her more. She felt her own throbbing quickly returning to her pelvis. Innocent little Lori was erotically pleased that her loving brother made his penis hard while he slept, so she could use it to pleasure herself again. Lori gently brought her knees up along side her brothers hips, as she sat up straight. Her pelvis sank down against his hips, it pushed his large penis farther inside her than before. She felt it move the organs in her pelvis, and she became incredibly stimulated. She was moaning at the intense pleasure of her eager pussy being overfilled. Lori knew she could get an orgasm, if her brothers penis would move in and out of her, like it did before. She slowly raised and lowered herself onto her sleeping brother’s huge erection. She moaned louder, as she felt her orgasm getting closer. She slid herself up and down faster, and faster. Her entire pelvis was throbbing, and it felt wonderful. Their lovemaking juices were being pumped out of her with squishing sounds, her arousal climbed higher, and higher. Soon, she knew she was about to have her sweet orgasm. She moved her hips up and down faster, Bob slowly woke up, after his wet dream, seeing his beautiful little sister’s cute, attractive body using his big hard on to bring herself pleasure, made him incredibly hot. He became so stimulated, he began pushing his hips upward to meet her pelvis, as she lowered herself around his penis. Little Lori’s orgasm started deep inside her body, and she slowed her movements to make her pleasure last as long as possible. As her intense waves of pleasure slowly coursed through her, she put all of her weight on her pelvis, She felt like she was being held up in the air by her lovers huge penis, and her sweet orgasm went on and on. Her pulsing vagina made Bob so excited, he pushed his hips upward a few more times, and he felt a strong climax starting, he felt, and heard Lori prolonging her orgasm, and his penis swelled to fire the first wave of his sperm. He sat up, and hugged his loving little sister as hard as he could, and he ground his hips against her, as his full orgasm was shooting even more semen and sperm through the tip of her vagina, and into her cervix. The sweet agony of little Lori’s sexual peak was finally slowing, she felt the pressure of all the thick sperm that her brother’s young body was somehow producing, filling all of the orifices deep inside her. Her arms were squeezing Bob tightly, and he was amazed at her strength. As Bob felt his climax begin to finally slow, he looked at his little sister’s beautiful face, and her blue eyes were almost closed, and her long blonde hair was messed up, she looked like an erotic little angel. Her gently kissed her lips. As they opened their mouths wide to each other, little Lori had become more emotionally attached to her sweet lover, with each orgasm she had, and tears of happiness began streaming down her red cheeks. She said, “Bobby, I can’t tell you how much I love this!” Bob was surprised at how the strong feeling he had for her, made his stomach feel warm. He began to cry, and said, “I can’t tell you how much I love you!” When Lori heard his words, one more strong contraction went off in her vagina. It made Bob’s penis responsively expand, and contract quickly. Without speaking, they knew they were not going to separate their bodies yet. Their bodies were still responding to each other’s, and there was the pleasure of more lovemaking to enjoy, it was just much more gentle. Bob laid back, and moved his hips slightly, to enjoy the feeling of his penis inside her, as it went down only slightly. Sweet little Lori put her head down on Bob’s chest, and pressed her hot little pelvis against Bob’s hips. They began to fall asleep again while they felt the blood pulsing in each others sexual organs.

Lori, and Bobby’s mother thought she heard a noise. She gently got out of bed as not to wake her husband. Then she took the towel, that was half soaked, from the center of the bed, and used it to wipe their sticky lovemaking juices from her shapely pelvic region. She put her robe on to cover her beautiful naked body, and walked down the long hallway, looking at all the doors, and windows. She reached the end of the hallway where her children’s bedroom is located. She quietly opened the door to check on them. She looked towards their beds. The dim light coming through the window let her see their sweetly sleeping bodies. She thought, “Good, it looks like they’re sleeping fine.” She turned to go back to her own bed, she suddenly felt a shock wave, and put her head in to take another look. She saw their young innocent bodies, naked. Lori was on top of Bob, with her head on his chest, and Bob had his arms around her. Mom remembered that when they were much younger Bob would let Lori sleep with him if she had a nightmare, but something was different. As her eyes adjusted to the light, mom felt her feeling of shock return, and her face blushed hotly. Had they been having sex? Lori’s pelvis was directly over Bob’s, and she thought she saw his penis still in her genitals. Mom was trying to control her anger, and think, so that she did not become violent with them. As she calmed down, she quietly walked toward them. Struggling with her emotions, she first felt guilty for letting them share a room so long. But they were such sweet kids, she thought. And she had not noticed how fast they were maturing sexually. As she got closer to them, she made out the faces of the children she loved. Lori was her favorite, and mom looked at her first, she had never seen such a big, sweet smile on Lori’s face, and while she was sleeping, no less. Now she realized how sexy her little Lori looked, her long blonde hair, slender waist, luscious round hips, and very shapely thighs. And her little Bobby, he was very sexy, and trim. She could not help but notice that Bobby’s penis, what she could see of it, was large for his age, and was being held in her little Lori’s labia, it looked plump, and inviting. There was a surprising amount of their lovemaking juices on the bed. Lori’s smile, and the way Bobby had his arms around her, fascinated mom, she thought they looked like familiar, experienced lovers. How long had they been doing this? Mom had a lot to think about, and headed back to her bedroom to discuss it with her husband. “Oh God, Rob will kill them!”, she heard herself say.

Mom sat down on her side of the bed. Rob woke up, and saw her deep in thought. “What’s the matter, honey?”, he asked. He rolled over to face her, and his large flaccid penis flopped over at her, and he patted her thigh. “Oh, nothing.” She saw that her reply worried him. “No, wait…”, she said. “It’s the kids.” He hurriedly asked, “Are they all right?” Then she said, “Oh, they’re more than all right.” Rob said, “What the hell are you talking about Cindi?” She said, “Promise me that you won’t get upset until you’ve thought about this.” He replied, “I’ll try.” Then summoning up all her courage, Cindi said, “I think they’ve been making love.” Rob was shocked, “You mean having sex? They’re not old enough … are they?” Cindi asked, “Have you looked at them lately? I guess I haven’t.” Rob said, “No, they’re just kids! … Making love indeed.” Cindi held Rob’s hand affectionately, and said, “They should have had separate rooms a long time ago. I spent a long time in there watching them sleep. They look like sweet little lovers, and their bodies are getting very sexy, even little Lori.” Rob said “I wish you weren’t so honest with me.” Cindi added, “They remind me of us, we make love practically all the time. Could we have passed something on to them genetically?” “Don’t be ridiculous.” Rob said. Cindi confessed something to Rob, “Don’t think I’m a lecherous mother, but when I was watching them, I felt very aroused for a moment, realizing that both these beautiful, sexy creatures came out of my body.” Cindi’s eyes, and her soft voice, told Rob that she was serious about what she was saying. He said, “I don’t know…” He loved her very much, and trusted her mothering abilities. Then, “All right, let’s go see.”

Rob, and Cindi silently crept in to Lori, and Bobby’s room, and let their eyes adjust to the light. They stood at the foot of the bed. Rob’s gaze traveled up Lori’s shapely thighs, to her beautiful pussy. From this angle, her sex organs looked more than mature, they were generous, and perfect. Rob’s mind went from parental anger, to fatherly pride, to lecherous incest. A different kind of arousal swept through him. He had never felt anything like it, but it caused his huge penis to swell, he did not feel ashamed. He whispered to Cindi, “They’re incredible. They look like something in a very expensive porno video!” Just then Lori stirred, her parents froze, and watched as in her sleep, she turned her head to the other side, and slowly, and deliciously wiggled her hips in a circular motion for a moment, then let out a deep sigh. This stimulated her parents very much, they were fascinated and kept watching. Cindi felt a warm rush enter her pelvis, she noticed Rob’s penis rising, and becoming hard, she moved her arm from around his waist, and slid her hand down his back, and underneath his buttocks to gently hold his heavy testicles. Cindi looked at how her little Bobby’s penis still had it’s head held in sweet Lori’s pussy. Cindi felt herself producing lubricating juice. She gently put her hand around her husband’s penis, and lovingly stroked its length. She whispered, “I’m extremely turned on honey!” He kissed Cindi, and slid his hand down her slender stomach and felt her lush pubic hair, then down to feel her luscious labia. It felt very warm, he ran a couple fingers inside it’s lips. He felt her sweet wetness beginning to seep from the opening of her hot vagina. His penis was now very hard and was throbbing up and down with his pulse, he stood behind Cindi, with his penis pushing up, between her buttocks. He embraced her, and rubbed her fleshy labia in slow circles. They were both breathing hard, but they had to be quiet, and it added to their excitement. Cindi was very aroused, and she wanted Rob to take her, right there. Cindi slowly bent over until Rob’s penis, which was between her buttocks, slid right between the lips of her labia. Now the eager, and delicious opening of her vagina, was pointing right at Rob’s penis. He already had semen covering the head of his penis, and it slid easily through her lips, and against the opening of her vagina, as it had already started to dilate to let him inside. It felt wonderful, and hot on the head of his penis. Cindi was careful not to touch the foot of the bed, but in her present stance, she had a close look between her Lori’s legs. She felt Rob hold her hips, then slowly push his penis into her vagina, she felt the sweet pressure and friction, as her hole opened and let his penis move into her. Rob took a small step towards Cindi’s sexy round butt, to comfortably insert the head of his penis about halfway up Cindi’s vagina, just where he knew that she liked it. He began pumping himself in and out of her, a couple of inches. Her vagina felt beautifully warm around his penis, he gazed at their children, he thought they looked sweet, but erotic, at the same time. Cindi was right, they were maturing fast. He studied Lori, from the back, she had a beautiful feminine shape, which widened out to her shapely round hips. And her legs were long and sexy, as they were spread widely on either side of Bob. He looked at her thighs, and how they led up to a very generous looking young pussy, he saw the fleshy lips of her labia, and her round buttocks, that were slightly spread, exposing her little anus, and thought they were absolutely perfect. The coming dawn was slowly lighting the room, and he studied her labia as it’s lips were wrapped around Bob’s penis. Rob thought it was surprisingly large, he wondered how much more of it was inside his Little Lori. It was making Rob very aroused, and he slowed the pumping of his hips, into his beautiful wife. The heat of the slight friction inside her, had Cindi very excited, she was breathing heavily. She stared at her son’s good sized penis, and his plump looking testicles, so she noticed when Bob’s penis began to quickly swell to a hard erection. This sent a new wave of stimulation through her. While she felt the intense pleasure of being made love to from behind, she had a close up of the most erotic scene she had ever seen. She even drooled as she watched, as Bobby’s erection started pushing the flesh of Lori’s pussy. Lori’s lubrication on his penis had dried too much to let his penis go into her all by itself, and Cindi watched in amazement, as Lori, in her sleep, turned her head over, and deliciously wiggled her hips from side to side, to work her pussy onto Bobby’s hard penis. Then Lori pushed her hips down against Bobby’s pelvis, taking it all the way into her beautiful pussy. This made Cindi hotter than she had ever been, she almost came right then. Cindi’s vagina began to throb, and she started to move her hips up and down a little. Rob slowed his pumping a little more. Cindi decided her little Bobby was having a wet dream. His penis grew even larger, and she saw his fat sperm tube, swelling from the bottom of his perfect penis. Lori’s sighing turned to a soft moan. She slowly started waking up, but she never looked behind her. Her parents tried to silence their breathing. As Lori moaned, she pulled her shapely legs alongside Bob’s waist, and sat up. Lori began raising her self up and down on her legs, to pump herself on Bob’s hard penis. Lori’s parents had stopped their movements, but they felt like they were about to come with loud orgasms. When Lori had replenished her supply of lubrication on Bob’s penis, she rapidly raised and lowered her sex organs onto Bob’s. When she lowered herself, her pussy engulfed all of Bob’s penis, down to his testicles, making a soft grunting sound. Then Lori would raise herself up until the base of bob’s head was exposed. Cindi could see several inches of her Bobby’s healthy penis sliding easily into her little girl, but the fit was so tight that it pushed in the flesh of her labia a little bit. Cindi was about to explode, as she thought of the marvelous wet dream that Lori was giving Bobby. As slowly as he could, Rob pushed the full length of his penis into his wife, and just held her there lovingly. His penis throbbed strongly, he knew his orgasm could go off any time, if he kept watching these young erotic lovers, but he could not look away. Lori was now pumping her genitals very quickly. Bob began slightly pumping his hips at Lori. Cindi thought he must be waking up, but he kept his eyes closed. Cindi knew it was to late to leave the room, she could hardly stand up. Bob was moaning loudly, so was Lori, she felt her new friend coming back to her eager pelvis. She forced herself all the way down onto Bob’s penis, and started grinding her labia against Bob’s pelvis. Lori let out a, “Ohhhhhh, Bobby!” She bent over to put her head on Bob’s chest, and squeezed him as hard as she could. Lori felt each orgasm get stronger than the last, as she felt her intense contractions milking at Bob’s throbbing penis, finally triggering his big orgasm. Bob arched his back, underneath Lori, to violently thrust himself into her a few more times, while she was trying desperately to keep her vagina around the full length of his penis. Lori cried, “Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhh, Bobby, Push it all the way in me!!” This intensified her prolonged orgasm, and she shrieked with every thrust of Bob’s penis. Cindi thought her Little girl would go mad from such agonizingly sweet pleasure. Tears of emotion ran down Cindi’s cheeks, as she watched her Bobby crush Lori in his arms, as he thrust once more, forcing the entire length of his penis into Lori as far as he could, and holding it there, while his huge orgasm pumped wave after wave of his sperm into her. Bobby gasped, “Ahhhhhhh, Ohhhh, Lori honey, you feel so good!” Cindi saw his thighs twitch, and watched the base of his penis as his sperm tube swelled an amazing number of times. Without Rob ever moving his penis, Cindi felt the hot waves of the most intense orgasm she ever felt began to slowly take over her pelvis. Rob was over heated by the whole scene, when Cindi’s vagina started squeezing his penis, he could not help himself, he was going to come, and he started pumping his swelling penis into Cindi. Cindi’s orgasm was at it’s fullest, and her vagina contracted so hard that it made Rob’s penis stop, and start it’s movement. He never felt his wife come so hard, he slammed his pelvis against Cindi’s butt, and held her against him as tight as he could, as he came, he felt Cindi’s vagina pumping his thick sperm out of him,as fast as he supplied it to her, in long waves. Lori, and Bobby’s orgasm was just slowing, when Lori stopped groaning long enough to breathlessly say, “Bobby sweetheart, I love you.” and they held their mouths together while their orgasm subsided. This made Cindi cry harder, and her orgasm became more intense. Cindi was grinding her labia against Rob’s pelvis, in response to her orgasm. Cindi could not maintain her silence, she had not wanted to interrupt them, until her Lori had reached her sweet orgasm, but now, she took in a deep breath, and let out a long, “Ohhhhhhh!” Finally getting more oxygen, made the throbbing in her pelvis stronger. Bobby, and Lori were startled. But they were in such a dreamlike state, still enjoying the slowing spasms of their orgasm, they looked at their parents with half closed eyes. Bobby said, “Oh, No.” But Lori smiled, and said, “Hi!” Then she realized her parents were making love along with them, and saw mom’s large breasts, the pubic hair between her lovely thighs, and her father, who was sweaty, and still holding mom tightly, was still jerking his hips as the last of his sperm pumped into her. Lori said, “Look, Bobby, they’re doing it too!” Lori saw the satisfaction on her mothers face, and her tears. Lori added, “Look at mom’s face. Now I know what she feels like.” She put her head back on Bobby’s chest, and Bobby hugged her. Then he started to move like he wanted Lori to get off of him. His mother said, “No Bobby, Let Lori keep it inside her as long as she needs to.” This convinced Bobby, that he was not in trouble, he laid back, held his sister, and smiled at his parents. When Rob could finally speak, he whispered to Cindi, “You’re right honey, our kids are unbelievable.”

They all smiled awkwardly at each other. Rob said, “I’m OK now, honey. Thank you, sweetheart, I never felt anything like that before.” Cindi was the perfect loving wife, and always told him she loved him after he came inside her. This time she said, “Rob, this time it was really special, wasn’t it?” She thought she should finally stand up, in front of her children, when she did, her wet pussy moved forward, and pulled itself off of Rob’s penis. When it did, they both grunted and moaned. Wanting to say something, Rob said, “Well kids, I guess we’re all out in the open now, huh?” The children smiled, and nodded at dad. Mom was casually wiping the thick sweet wetness, that was starting to run down the inside of her sexy thighs. She ran her hand up her thighs, to her wet swollen labia, collecting their lovemaking juice, Rob held her hand up to his face, and licked it clean. Lori was watching, and turned to Bobby, and said, “Isn’t she beautiful?” Bobby was watching mom as well, he felt a throb return to his penis, and said “Very beautiful, just like you.” Little Lori responded to her emotion by instantly locking her lips to Bobby’s. Dad’s penis had begun to go down to it’s half swollen size, and he stepped out from behind mom. Bobby was maturing enough so that his penis was not small by any means, and his confidence had been raised incredibly, by the amount of pleasure that he had given to Lori. He whispered to
Lori, “Look at dad.” She turned her head to see her father’s full figure, his broad chest, and slender hips, very hairy pubic region, and his huge swollen penis. Bobby felt Lori’s vagina squeeze his penis a couple of times. Lori said, “Daddy, you’re beautiful too!” What she said would have been cute, but, Rob actually felt her gaze at his penis, then look into his eyes, with her eyes half closed with erotic satisfaction. His breath was taken away, and his penis throbbed a few times. Lori laid her head on Bobby’s chest, and watched dad’s penis as it moved. Rob remembered the time that he borrowed a friends child pornography video. He was too ashamed to ever tell Cindi, but it was the best time he ever had masturbating, and he saw that the little girls in the video were nowhere near as sexy as his little Lori. Rob’s penis began to swell, and pulse, as it rose. For a moment, he wondered how much money was in amateur child porno, since they were so open, and eager. Cindi’s touch, brought him back to the reality of the love he had for his family. She guided him to sit on the bed with the kids. Rob thought, “Uh Oh, she’s going to try discussing this with them.” Rob and Cindi sat down, Cindi said, “Lori honey, do you want to sit over here, and talk to mommy, and daddy?” She patted her hand on the bed next to where she sat. Rob rolled his eyes at Bobby, and winked, he said, “You too son.” Lori said, “OK, mom.” The instant she moved, Lori remembered why she was keeping her pelvis against Bobby’s, and she very slowly raised herself up with her thighs, pulling her sweetly used vagina off of her Bobby’s warm penis. She said, “Ohhhhhh, Bobby.” At this point, every move their little girl made, was like an uninhibited sexual woman. Cindi was more than fascinated, as her Bobby’s penis finally flopped out of Lori’s pussy. She knew it had gone down a little, after making love, but it’s size, and his large testicles, and his sexy pubic hair, made him look much older than he was. As Lori sat down next to mom, she felt the sticky liquid between her thighs. She wiped her hand up her thigh, then up her labia, collecting quite a lot of her, and Bobby’s juices. She sweetly offered her hand to Bobby, Bobby looked at dad, dad nodded, Bobby held Lori’s hand and licked it off. The taste of his sweet sister’s fluid, mixed with his own, made his eyes open wide, and his swollen penis, that had gotten so much use tonight, began to throb, and enlarge. Rob whispered to Cindi, “Damn, you’re son’s dick is bigger than mine when I was his age.” Cindi placed her hand high up on Rob’s thigh, so that it was between his thigh, and his testicles. Cindi whispered to Rob, “Do you get the feeling that the sex is not over tonight?” Rob just kissed her cheek.

Cindi started, “Kids, do you remember when I told you that it’s OK to play with yourself, or masturbate, in the privacy of your bedroom?” Lori, Bobby, “Yes.” Cindi continued, “Well I didn’t know you would be sharing a bedroom so long. And we did not notice that the both of you are growing up so fast.” Rob thought to himself, “I did.” as he admired Lori’s cute little round breasts, her red nipples still looked hard. Cindi said, “Bobby you’re a boy, er, male, so I know you masturbate. (Bobby blushed, Rob smiled.) Lori honey, what about you?” And Cindi held Lori’s hand. Lori had always been very honest with her parents, and her advanced introduction to sex had been so familial, with her parents joining in and all, that she felt no guilt, and continued being open with her parents. Lori replied, “Well, as long as I can remember, I played with myself, and felt very good. But a couple of weeks ago, I started getting very, very extra good pleasure when I finished playing with myself. Bobby said it’s called a orgasm.” Bobby blushed again, and Rob smiled at him. Cindi asked her, Do you know what having sex, or making love is?” Lori replied, “Yes, me, and Bobby just did it, then we saw you doing it right there.” Cindi, Rob, and Bobby all blushed, and Lori smiled at them. Cindi asked, “Well, how did you get from masturbating, to making love?” After what she had just experienced, Cindi could not say ‘having sex’. Lori replied, “I was…masturbating, with my bear against my panties, and I felt so excited, I pretended the bear was Bobby. I wanted Bobby to rub himself against my panties, and maybe I said it out loud, I don’t remember.” Bobby was worried at first, but now Lori held his hand, and he did not know what to think. Cindi put her head on Rob’s shoulder, and cried. She whispered, “She’s much too open, and forward. But after what we just saw, er, did, I can’t bear to change her. You talk to Bobby.” Rob thought for a long time, then decided to follow Cindi’s lead, “Bobby, how did you get from jacking off, to having sex with Lori?” He chose his words to try to control his wife’s emotions. Bobby replied, “Well, maybe I just thought I heard her asking me to, I guess I was pretty excited too, cause I could hear her doing it.” Dad asked, “Doing what?” Bobby said, “Having sex with her bear.” Rob would have laughed, but he thought he had been hearing voices, too. Cindi interrupted, “We will discuss this further tomorrow, but for now, I want you to know that I love you both more than you will ever know. I’m so very proud of how mature your getting!” As Rob put his arm around Bobby’s shoulder, they smiled at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Mom hugged Lori, and lovingly caressed one of Lori’s cute little breasts. She said, “Your beautiful titties are getting very big.” Lori said, “I want titties just like yours.” Rob and Bobby raised their eyebrows. Cindi saw Lori’s red swollen nipples, and felt compelled to see if they were hard. She slowly brushed her hand over them. Lori sighed very deeply at the pleasant touch, and Cindi’s face felt hot and flushed. Rob knew he should have gotten Cindi out of there, he knew how long she remained aroused and emotional after they had sex, and their children had given them a very erotic demonstration. Lori had her head on her mothers shoulder, and mom was still gently caressing Lori’s breasts. Lori asked, “Can I feel your titties?” mom whispered to her, “Please.” Lori copied her mother, and held Cindi’s breast from underneath, then gently rubbed, she used her thumb to brush her nipple. Soon Lori felt her mother’s nipple swelling. The two men were hypnotized, then they heard Cindi and Lori breathing heavily. Their affection was becoming very intimate, and Rob felt the throbbing return to his penis, as it swelled. He looked at Bobby’s penis, it was almost sticking straight up. Rob was amazed at the full size of his little boy’s penis. Rob said, “Bobby, I can’t be upset with you. I’m proud of you too.” Then he nodded towards his wife and daughter as they sat on the bed and openly loved each other. He said, “You see that son?… That may be the most beautiful thing you will ever see. And maybe the most exciting.” As they watched, Cindi lowered her head to her daughter’s sensitive breast, and kissed her red nipple. She then slowly sucked her entire little breast easily into her mouth. Lori was sweetly sighing. Then Cindi put her arm under Lori’s legs, and pulled Lori up into her lap. Cindi ran her hand through Lori’s long blonde hair, and Lori put her head to her mother’s breast, and gently put her lips around mom’s big swollen nipple. Lori began to suck mom’s nipple very hard, and with her other hand, Lori lovingly caressed mom’s other breast. Cindi was sighing as she breathed heavily. Cindi felt an intense wave of stimulation as she felt something she had not felt for years, somehow, liquid was actually being sucked from her nipple. Bobby was overcome by the sight of these two, and had his hand around his penis and was gently stroking himself. Rob affectionately patted Bobby’s thigh, and nodded towards the irresistible mother, and child. Rob sat close to Cindi, and put his arms around her, and Lori. Cindi felt Rob’s hard penis against her, and she put her hand around it and slowly stroked it’s length. Bobby couldn’t resist them either, and remembered his fathers gesture. He sat on the other side of his mother, and started stroking Lori’s hip and leg. Soon Cindi felt the semen on the tip of Rob’s penis. She held her Lori’s hand, and licked her palm, and fingers, until they were wet with her saliva. She then placed Lori’s hand around Rob’s hard penis. Lori’s little hand managed to close most of the way around it. It felt huge to Lori, in her excitement she sucked her mother’s breast harder, and harder, Cindi began softly moaning. Cindi then guided Lori’s little hand to rub the semen from the head of her dad’s penis, then slide her hand very slowly up and down. Rob moaned. When Lori had the hang of stroking her dad’s penis, Cindi slowly ran her hand up Lori’s long shapely leg. Cindi’s hand was nearing the top of Lori’s thigh, and she felt the warmth coming from Lori’s genitals. Cindi slid Lori’s leg down over her knee to spread her lovely legs apart. All the while, as Lori sucked mom’s breast, her nipple had swollen, and gotten longer. Lori was eagerly drinking in the thick, sweet liquid that flowed from it. Cindi felt Lori’s sexy, plump labia, it felt hot, and damp. She gently squeezed the flesh of Lori’s pussy, and felt the vibration in her breast, as Lori moaned while sucking mom’s breast. Cindi saw her son stroking his penis, and she took his hand from it, and held it to her mouth. Then Cindi licked Bobby’s hand until his fingers were dripping with her saliva. Then she placed Bobby’s hand gently on Lori’s labia, and squeezed, Lori breathed heavier. Then Cindi guided Bobby’s fingers up and down the slit in Lori’s labia. Then she guided his fingers into her slit, and to the opening of her hot little vagina. She then guided his hand to make small circular motions against her little hole. Cindi began stroking her husband’s back, with one hand, and her other hand, she licked thoroughly, until her entire hand was wet, and very gently placed it around her son’s very hard young penis. She felt the semen that had been running down it, and very slowly rubbed it up, and down. Cindi remembered that this was the exact fantasy she had one night, just before she had an incredible orgasm, while her husband was having anal sex, with her, as she stimulated her clitoris. She could not remember ever being so sexually aroused, and felt a throbbing deep inside her pelvis. Cindi, and her family, were all moaning with pleasure, as one.

The stimulation kept rising inside Cindi, and her son’s penis felt so big and hard in her hand. She thought he was so young, she would be able to make him come two or three times. Cindi pulled Lori’s dreamy face up to hers, and kissed her lips, deeply. She tasted her own milk in Lori’s mouth. Then she whispered to Lori, “Lori sweetheart, do you want to know how I feel when I make love to daddy?” Bobby was still massaging Lori’s vagina, and it was getting wet, and had begun to slightly open it’s little hole. Lori panted, “Oh, yes, please!” Cindi kissed her, and then turned to Rob, and told him to lay back on the bed, and to close his eyes, and keep them closed, and also to put his hands behind his neck. Rob was so aroused, he felt like he had died and gone to heaven, and he happily complied. Cindi judged the length of little Lori’s legs, and decided she should support herself on her feet, and not her knees. Cindi whispered in Lori’s ear, “Put your feet on either side of daddy’s hips, and squat down halfway.” Cindi gave Lori a push up, as Lori swung her pretty leg over to the other side of her father. As Lori brought her eager little pussy down even with the tip of dad’s penis, mom thought Rob might be too huge for her little girl, but Lori was so expertly enjoying the over abundance of pleasure that was being given to her much too soon, that mom wanted her little girl to have everything she could possibly take. Young Bobby knew what was coming next, and was so physically involved in the orgy, that he scooted over, next to mom, and as she leaned to one side to tend to the pleasure of Rob, and Lori, Bobby began to feel underneath mom’s soft thighs, then her labia, as it stood out beneath her. It was swollen with excitement, and he felt the wetness of her arousal, running from it’s lips. It let his fingers easily slide into her slit, and he massaged the hot flesh inside. In a low voice Bobby had never heard, Cindi said, “Ohh Bobby honey, that feels so good.” Cindi felt the pleasure of Bobby’s touch, and placed her hand around Rob’s penis. It was throbbing, and there was a great amount of semen, running from the tip. She gently rubbed his semen over his entire penis. Then, using Lori’s arm, Cindi guided Lori to lower her pelvis down to the tip of dad’s penis. Mom looked at Lori’s sweet erotic little pussy, Lori was so excited, that with her legs apart, her swollen labia, had spread apart enough to expose the opening hole of her red vagina. Mom began to slide dad’s penis back and forth between the lips of Lori’s labia. Lori started moaning very loudly. Her lubrication let the head of his penis effortlessly spread her labia very wide as it moved. Mom watched with indescribable emotion, as her little girl’s sensitive body responded. Lori’s face was very flushed, and her sweet little nipples looked large, and hard. Mom then held Lori’s hand and placed it around dad’s penis. Cindi whispered towards Lori’s ear, “It’s all yours, sweetheart, you can do it.” Lori already felt faint with arousal, she held the head of her dad’s penis against her vagina, she lowered herself onto him, and his head began to enter her a little, then, it pushed the flesh of her genitals inward. Lori let out, “Uhhhhh!” Lori knew dad’s penis was too huge, but she had to have it inside her. Lori put more of her weight on his very hard penis, and started wiggling her hips. Lori felt an agonizing pleasure, as she was working his head into the throbbing opening of her vagina. She let out high, whimpering moans, as dad’s head slowly dilated her hot opening. Mom reached out to her little girl’s sweet little breasts, and gently squeezed them and brushed her hard nipples. Lori felt another wave of arousal, and her eager vagina throbbed more, finally letting dad’s head pop inside her vagina. Lori squealed very loud, and gave a long, low moan. She stopped right there to relax, as the pain in her vagina was going away quickly, being replaced with intense stimulation. As Cindi laid on her side watching her little girl being filled past her limits, she knew Lori’s climax, would be earth shattering. Cindi was stimulated by the natural ability of her son’s touch, she reached behind her to Bobby’s hip, to pull him to her. She then raised her knee, to spread her beautiful thighs apart. Bobby saw her large, sexy genitals, her labia was glistening with her wetness. He felt like he was going wild, he scooted his hips over to hers, and she pulled her knees up to her chest. Bobby guided his throbbing penis into the lips of her pussy, it easily slid through her labia, and he felt the delicious friction of her hot vagina. He slowly pumped his penis into her several times, and he felt her vagina throbbing around his penis, his head was spinning, and suddenly the most erotic orgasm he ever had come over his body. Bobby quickly slammed his hips against moms butt, and then ground his penis into her as far as it would go. Bobby’s ears were ringing, as his penis pumped long waves of sperm deep into her vagina, as he moaned, “Ohh, Ohhhh, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhh, God! Mom, I love you so much!!” The incredible feeling of her son’s big young penis, coming inside her, put together with the rest of her erotic fantasy come true, was triggering an orgasm in her that she had never felt. It was coming extremely slowly, but was already more intense than anything she ever imagined. As Bobby’s intense prolonged orgasm subsided, Cindi hungrily rubbed her hand over her Lori’s entire body. Cindi rubbed her Lori’s breasts, and squeezed Lori’s hot stiff nipples. Then Cindi ran her hand down her sexy back, then down to feel Lori’s beautiful round butt. Then Cindi reached between Lori’s buttocks, and squeezed the flesh of her pussy, feeling Lori’s hot labia stretched around Rob’s huge penis. Cindi rubbed her wet finger against the opening of Lori’s little anus. Then she very carefully worked her finger all the way up Lori’s hot and very tight anus, as Lori grunted loudly, Cindi held her finger in place while Lori worked her hips back and forth. Then Cindi slowly let her finger be pushed out by the muscles of her little Lori’s sphincter. As cindi’s finger popped out of Lori’s tightening anus, Lori let out a loud grunt, and shouted, “Ahhhhh, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhh, Yes, Yes, I’m doing it!” Lori felt an intense rush of excitement in her pelvis, and her vaginal tunnel opened up more for her dad’s huge penis. Lori started raising and lowering her pelvis over dad’s penis a little at a time, as she worked her vagina onto more of dad’s penis, the pain had totally left her, and deep intense pleasure was filling her entire body. Cindi felt the shaft of her husband’s penis, pushing the flesh of her little girl’s pussy, as she pumped herself up and down a couple of inches. The slow motion freight train of Cindi’s orgasm, made her vagina contract around her son’s penis as it went down just a little. Cindi’s vagina stayed contracted, and she began pumping her hips, against Her sweet Bobby’s still penis. Each contraction of her dizzying climax, lasted several seconds, and they squeezed the breath out of her in grunts. She pumped her hips between her long spasms, moaning loudly. Cindi was having one continuous orgasm, and she did not know how long she would be able to stand it. The incredible feeling her body was giving Bobby, was making his penis very hard again, and he rapidly pumped himself into her between her spasms. Little Lori was lowering herself onto a little more of dad’s throbbing penis, each time. She felt like she could have her sweet orgasm any time, and the intense feeling deep inside her pelvis, was already more intense than ever. The more stimulated Lori became, the hungrier her pussy felt, and she wanted to use all of this huge penis that was loving her. Lori was now forcing the entire length of her little vagina onto her dad’s penis, repeatedly. Cindi was massaging Lori’s pussy as she rapidly pumped herself up and down, grunting and moaning. Rob was doing all he could to keep from coming, as he felt the incredible hot tightness of his little girl’s pussy, as it eagerly gobbled at his throbbing penis. He knew he could not hold off his orgasm much longer. Bobby had never imagined in his wet dreams, any feeling like mom’s erotic pussy was giving his penis, he felt their lovemaking pumping his sperm back out of her vagina, and he wanted to fill her with come, again. He rapidly stroked all the way in and out of mom’s pulsing vagina, driving mom’s orgasm to new levels. Little Lori loved the unimaginable pleasure that her dad’s huge penis gave her as her vagina was still dilating to try to accommodate him. She wanted it to last forever, but at the same time, she felt like she was dying to have her orgasm. Cindi could tell by the way Rob was moaning, that he was about to come, and she wanted her little girl to feel the pleasure of climaxing at the same time as her husband. Cindi placed her hand on Lori’s beautiful triangle of pubic hair, it felt soft and sexy. Then Cindi moved her hand so that it would rub Lori’s labia and clitoris, as she moved up and down to make her come, hopefully when Rob did. Lori’s little clitoris was sticking out of the top of her labia, and it felt hard. When Lori’s clitoris touched mom’s fingers, she slowed her pumping, and went, “Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhhh!” repeatedly. Rob’s penis had been overstimulated, and his little girl’s hungry, erotic body was about to trigger his climax, He moaned deeper. Cindi heard him, and thought when Lori slowed her pumping, she was trying to put off her orgasm. Cindi would not let her Lori hold off her orgasm, she was going to make her little girl come, intensely, and she wanted to see her beautiful daughter, and her sexy husband climaxing at the same time. Cindi Felt the love she had for her little girl, as she began rubbing her hand up and down Lori’s labia, sliding accross Lori’s hard clitoris, with a fantastic friction that made Lori’s clitoris throb wildly, driving beautiful young Lori crazy with the pleasure of her begining orgasm. Lori began to squeal loudly, “Uhh, Uhhh, Uhhhhhh, Uhhhhhhhhh, Unnhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhh, daddy, daddy I love it!!!, Please do it to me hard!!!”, as she pumped her pussy fully onto Rob’s penis. Mom’s clitoral stimulation, together with her dad’s huge penis, had made the most intense orgasm come bursting out of Lori’s genitals, She was grunting loudly and forcing herself down over as much of her dad’s throbbing penis as possible. This was all that her dad could take, and he uncontrollably thrust his hips up into Little Lori, as his climax surged through his body. He lifted Lori up in the air, and she felt his penis pushing all the organs in her pelvis as he thrust into her. Cindi kept massaging her clitoris, to prolong her orgasm, so she could tolerate the brutal orgasm that Rob was having inside Lori. As Rob thrust almost all of his huge penis into his little girl, she let out loud, erotic shrieks. Lori’s orgasm had reached it’s fullest, and she tried to keep her pussy pressed down against her dad to feel her vaginal contractions milk the sperm from his penis as it came. Lori then felt dad’s penis push fully into her, the tip of his penis hard against the end of her tight pulsing vagina, pointing at the opening of her cervix. Then, between the wild spasms, in her pelvis, she felt his huge penis swell even more, as it shot hot jets of his sperm deep into her, wave after wave filling her cervix, then her throbbing vagina. She heard his excess sperm, as it spurted back out of her tight vagina. Lori threw herself down against his chest and hugged him as tightly as she could, holding her pelvis tightly against his. Rob felt her incredible orgasm, and her vaginal spasms, pumping the sperm from his testicles. The unbelievable feeling made his climax last for minutes, each one of their spasms, prolonging the orgasm of the other. Rob’s testicles ached, and his little girl was squeezing the breath out of him. Lori was facing her mom, and Cindi saw Lori’s sweet young face contorted with agonizing pleasure and relief, then Lori drooled, and said, “Ahhhhhhhhhh, daddy, I,I love … your big …. ” Her eyes rolled upward, and closed, then Lori’s little body fainted limply on her dad. Cindi had watched the most erotically wild but beautiful thing she had ever seen. The intense mental stimulation, together coupled with Bobby’s delicious, constant thrusting of his young penis, in and out of her oversensitized pussy, had been constantly intensifying her prolonged slow orgasm, and felt it climaxing into a huge orgasm of it’s own. Cindi held her breath and grunted with each of the spasms in her pelvis. She convulsively thrust her hips back and forth, Bobby felt his mom’s entire pussy working on his throbbing penis in several different ways, he felt her giving him an unbelievable orgasm, and he convulsively rammed his penis into her throbbing vaginal tunnel as far as he could a few more times, then he held his penis in her, pressing his testacles against her labia, and he started to come in her, while she was at the height of her final orgasm. Bobby said quietly to her, “Unnnhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhh, Mom, you’re m,making me feel s,s,so fantastic!!!” He ground his pelvis against her, put his arms around her, and held her large hot breasts, and he hugged her as tightly as he could. Cindi ejaculated, “Ohh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhh… Bobby, Bobby, push your beautiful big penis into me!! ….. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! ……….. .. Ohhh, Lori honey, Oh Rob sweet heart!” Bobby felt her vaginal contractions pulling his penis deeper into her, and his sperm exploded into her, time after time. Cindi felt her son’s large healthy penis as it repeatedly swelled and fired his sperm into her. Cindi’s orgasm was very full and complete, she could not believe it’s intensity, she had never had this type of orgasm before. Cindi softly grunted with each of her pelvic spasms, as they finally slowed. She reached back to hold Bobby against her. Bobby’s climax had begun to subside, and he held her tightly, with his penis buried deep inside of her completely loved body, and he felt her heart pounding. Cindi relaxed, facing her sweet little girl. As Cindi watched Lori’s beautiful young face, and looked at her messy long blonde hair, Lori opened her pretty blue eyes half way. Cindi was gently runing her hand over Lori’s, and Rob’s bodies, tears of joy ran down her cheeks, as she looked into her little Lori’s eyes. Rob was lovingly smoothing lori’s beautiful hair, as he pet her.
Lori began to softly cry, from the intense emotion. “Mommy? Can we do this again?” Cindi replied, “Ohh, of course, sweetheart!” Cindi moved her mouth close to her wonderful Lori’s face. They pressed their lips together, and held them there.

It’s just the beginning!

I’ve agreed to be totally honest about this This is difficult because while

September 15th, 2009

I’m not embarrassed about this (If anything, quite the opposite) to do this

justice I have to be a great deal more explicit that I would normally prefer. I

prefer to flirt, both with men and with the details of my adventures. It seems

much more appropriate to say I spent the night with someone than to say

specifically what we did. I will try to overcome this as I tell you what

happened. If I seem to be skirting something, you have to be willing to interrupt

me with questions. I may evade, but I will never lie. Anyway, with that in mind,

the story really begins on a Friday night a few months back. The Chief, my

affectionate name I gave my husband, had some friends over. I was getting in

late from a conference and it was clearly his party. I knew nearly everyone

there, but they were his friends. I came in about 10:00 that night. I’d slept

on the train, so I was still fairly fresh. There they all were in the dining

room, playing cards. The Chief gave me a big hug when I came in and carried my

suitcase up to the bedroom. I washed my face and slipped out of my travel

clothes into the kind of thing I normally hang around the house in, a shirt of

the Chief’s and tights (white and blue respectively.) I’d eaten so I just nibble

at the snacks and watched them play. I stood or sat behind the Chief and one or

two of the other players seemed to have trouble focusing on their cards. I’d been

behaving myself for the past few days and this tickled me. Thinking to myself,

It’s all in a good cause (the Chief’s winnings) I would stretch or walk around or

occasionally pick things up off of the floor. They seemed to enjoy it and I

certainly did. Around midnight about half of the crew left and when the game had

gotten down to 4 players, I sat in and became a fifth. They were betting quarters

mostly and I sat down with around $20 and began to play. I was about $5 ahead

…End of the part1. To be continued..

Hi she said I looked up She was leaning onto the information desk at the

September 8th, 2009

record and book store where I worked, and she smiled the perfect smile that

beautiful women do so well. Though it was late and I was a bit tired, I

immediately slipped into “helpful employee” mode (trying not to enter “helpful

employee staring at gorgeous babe” mode, at least not yet). Fumbling a smile, I

stood up from where I’d been hunting for a pen under the table, and tried to look

helpful. “What’s your name?” she asked in a bright voice. Not a question I’d

gotten before, and it threw me a bit. “Jack,” I answered after a second. “What

can I do for you?” She looked down. “Oh, nothing,” she said, flashing her eyes

back at me momentarily, before pushing back off the desk, turning to look at the

bestseller display. “What’s popular this week?” You, I’m sure, are popular with

everybody, I thought. I let my gaze wander over her slim figure. I turn into a

real pervert at work. The other guys I work with can get pretty raunchy, but I

had only recently become a real woman watcher, and this job had let me do that

quite a bit. Once I helped a girl whom I discovered wore no underwear; my

coworkers and I had fallen over each other waiting for her to bend over the racks

again. This girl, however, was a true beauty. I’m a sucker for a pretty face,

and hers had stunned me into near speechlessness: full red lips, deep green eyes

and short dark red hair. Now my gaze traveled over her figure, slim at the waist

flowing smoothly into her hips, with a high, perfect ass — “Well?” she said,

turning slightly to look at me. I almost jumped as my eyes jerked from her

cheeks to her eyes, which drew me in as she smiled and walked back to the desk.

She leaned forward. “Were you looking at me?” she asked in a low voice. I had

a great view of her breasts but I dared not look. Think, think. “Uh, yeah, I

think you had something on your back. Here, turn around.” She grinned and

…End of the part1. To be continued..

Adult Text JULIE

July 12th, 2009

Please do not allow anyone under 18 to read the contents of this message.

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archive as a public service only – any copyrights belong to the authors.

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It was a nice warm day in San Antonio when you two arrived and

called to let me know that the two of you were in town. Ann

answered the phone and said she would deliver the message when I

got home. She further told you how much I had been looking

…End of the part1. To be continued..

Jake visits Janie and her husband

June 10th, 2009


Date: 25 Feb 1997 23:58:37 -0500

The THC Adult Text Archive: JAKE.TXT (386 lines)

Please do not allow anyone under 18 to read the contents of this message.

Note: I did not write any of these stories. They are being posted from the

archive as a public service only – any copyrights belong to the authors.

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…End of the part1. To be continued..

Herman’s Revenge

May 19th, 2009

Unlike most of life, in the case of Clarissa and Alex’s

tryst in his office, reality proved better than fantasy.

Practicality, however, suggested that crashing almost an entire

lab of computers (the PC’s were unscathed) was not the best

course of action to reach sexual ecstasy on a regular basis.

Fortunately, Alex’s department had a key for a little used

conference room in the library. It was small, with nice pile

rugs, and best of all, located in a part of the library that was

rarely frequented. So life continued in a rather pleasant fashion

for them both.

As far as the 12 Macs which had suffered from that rather

…End of the part1. To be continued..


May 3rd, 2009

Kate Brookfield watched her husband’s beautiful dark haired employer as she dialed

frantically a number from memory.

“Hello, David ? Yeah, it,s me… Lena Price… Hey listen, it’s all set… Mmmhm !, the little

blonde trick I was telling you about… Eight o’clock, okay ? We’ll meet you fellas there…Bye,

sugar”. She blew a kiss into the receiver.

“So sweetheart, Tell your husband that we may be a little late. Oh, by the mean, Kate, Do

you think black is beautiful ?”…

On Lena prearranged cue, the two young blacks checked the time on their wristwatches. Both

of them were anxiously looking forward to the evening’s events. They were both in the navy,

temporarily assigned to Omaha’s air base. Lena had met them in the song hee cocktail lounge

…End of the part1. To be continued..

Lesbian Slave

April 10th, 2009

My name is Erica and besides being a lawyer I am a Dominate Lesbian.
My newest Slave Lori began work as my secretary a few months ago.
Lori was the third applicant that I interviewed. She was just seventeen
and was very pretty. She was about five foot six and measure around
30-22-34. Her curly brown hair was cut short and it framed her faced
beautifully. After glancing at her rather short resume. Seeing that
she had only graduated from high school only two weeks ago. I snapped
out “Why are you wasting my time. You have absolutely no experience
except a measly high school diplomaS. She immediately broke down a
began crying. After whipping the tears from the her bedroom blue eyes
and stopped sobbing. She said “I just have to have this job!! Ms.R…
I can’t go back and live with my Aunt and Uncle! I beg you please give
me chance! Pleasee Pleasee.” She then told me her life story. Read the rest of this entry »

Glossy red lips

November 23rd, 2008

I can still feel her lips against my chest, two velvetine strips of red,
forming the ring of suction in which her tongue danced. Every nerve ending
was at peak performance as she worked her way from one nipple to another
and then down. Her long nails, painted a glossy red, found my balls and
began to fondle them gently. Her pointed nipples danced about my thighs,
lightly brushing them as I arched back, until I felt my cock enveloped by
her firm breasts. Suddenly, her warm mouth found its target, and her tongue
lightly began to lick me.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I had only come up for the day,
on a quick business trip to Marin County. My plan was to fly up to San
Francisco, then rent a car and drive north, stopping at two of our plant
sites. But on the flight up, I shared a seat with Connie, who explained
that she lived in Marin County and would be happy to give me a ride. She
loved the drive, she said, giggling, and would enjoy some company to share
it with. I covertly admired her full lips and beautiful body, and
immediately began to fantasize about the afternoon. Read the rest of this entry »

The Awakening of Janis

September 25th, 2008

Date: 27 Feb 1997 23:34:26 -0500

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The THC Adult Text Archive: JANIS01.TXT (87 lines)

…End of the part1. To be continued..


September 21st, 2008

Dear Phantasies,

Since you published my letter about how Shauna and I first met, I
thought you might be interested in hearing about one of our recent
adventures. Although sex between us is always great, we’ve recently had
an experience that we think is worth sharing with your readers.

For those who missed my first letter, I’m a graduate student at an Ivy
League college, and Shauna is a freshman at the same school. She’s five
feet tall, with red hair, green eyes, and a body that fits my
specification for the perfect sex partner: 36-24-34, and muscular in a
very feminine way, especially in the legs and ass. Her fiery passions
(in bed and otherwise) betray her Irish heritage. I stand 5′-10″, and
weigh 145 pounds, and I’m in very good shape from a regular exercise
routine. My sports have conditioned me more for stamina than for
strength, which is a big help for the way Shauna and I like our sex.

It was the weekend before Halloween, and naturally various fraternities
and sororities were holding their Halloween parties. Our usual
playmates, Mike and Sindra, had gone to Mike’s parents’ house for the
weekend, so Shauna and I were on our own. I’ve never been much of a fan
of fraternity parties, but she had been looking forward to this one for
a while, so I agreed. I really do have a hard time not giving into her
wishes. At first, I had resisted, but finally she had explained why she
was so hot to go to the Alpha Delta Phi party.

“The girls in my dorm told me that every year, the party turns into a
costumed orgy,” she said.

“Mm hmm. Have any of them ever been to it themselves?” I asked.

“Well, no, but there’s always some truth behind a rumor, right?” she

“Usually there is,” I had to agree. “But what if there isn’t?”

She gave me her patented angel-and-devil-in-one grin, and said, “Well,
we’ll just have to make sure that there is, won’t we?”

Well, I don’t believe in doing things halfway, so we made sure we had
the best costumes we could come up with, and spent a couple of Saturdays
working on them. We chose a couple of comic book characters, Shadowcat
and Nightcrawler. Shauna’s costume consisted of a blue leotard, light
blue tights, blue bomber-style jacket, blue domino mask, and, much to my
delight, a pair of calf-high blue boots with four-inch heels. Blue
isn’t really her color, but she looked absolutely great. My character,
Nightcrawler, has a rather demonic appearance, but he’s really a good
guy. I put on midnight-blue face paint and hair dye, with a red
…End of the part1. To be continued..